Runner Kite Plus 110cc

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Runner is one of the most famous motorbike production corporations in Bangladesh, extra than any other business enterprise. Their products are growing each day and now their showrooms are very rich. According to special budgets, they have got one-of-a-kind forms of merchandise. There are sports, preferred, classic and scooter category motorcycles are there within the showrooms. They additionally have a hundred and ten cc motorcycles, inclusive of scooter Runner Kite Plus. This is a low priced motorbike in Runner’s scooter elegance.

Scooters within the bike segment are in a bigger space. Worldwide it’s far quite famous to ordinary people. Due to clean get admission to and a ramification of handy application it has emerge as one of the most preferred bikes of the people. So the recognition of scooters is increasing day by day. And it really is why Runner Automobile Limited lately introduced their new scooter, Runner Kite Plus inside the marketplace. Runner Automobile Limited has previously offered a scooter named Runner Kite. Runner Kite Plus is the updated version of Runner Kite. But their model has been heavier than ever earlier than and some modern-day benefits were brought. Due to the addition of modern blessings, it has emerge as more popular for human beings. Today, the popularity of Runner Kite Plus is increasing every day to all kinds of humans.

Due to the addition of present day conveniences and lower fees, the call for for Runner kite plus is on the upward thrust. Runner saved all their merchandise centered on the buying power of the humans. And it is why the Runner kite plus is affordable. The complete specs of Runner Kite Plus are given underneath.

Design & appearance:
In design, seems and look the Runner kite plus is completely a brand new scooter. It now appears suitable and sharp with new sleek and edgy layout. The scooter comes with sharp designed side panel with new headlamp and the front panel assembly. Further the front wheel dust protect is pretty raised to address tough roads. It additionally seems sporty and aggressive.
The new plastic frame panels are very attractive with all new duel tone coloration scheme. Right here the silver covered panel is sharp that looks as if a blade and it seems reduce the air results easily. Coming to the seat it moreover seems sporty with curved 3-d layout. Right here the take hold of rail, foot rest and one of a kind metal component also are blanketed with excellent silver end. It seems glossy and pretty pleasant with sporty diamond pit. In addition the Matt panel at the spine of the scooter matched well with new virtual song console.

Engine average performance:
Runner Kite Plus is powered by means of 110 cc engine displacement that can generate 4.8 kW @ 7500 rpm max Power and 7.0 N.M @ 5500 rpm Max torque. The engine of the motorbike is air cooled, four stroke which is also petrol engine. The advised pinnacle velocity of Runner Kite Plus is eighty kmph. The attractive feature of the engine is it comes with complete computerized grab, so there can be no seize lever with this scooter. The engine of the scooter can be commenced with each electric powered & kick starting tool. So no hassle on starting issues even for women or younger riders. Subsequently for moreover.

Dimensions & seating feature:
The scooter Runner Kite Plus is a famous elegance scooter which length is 1900 mm, width is 740 mm and top is 1235 mm. Considering the same old bike, the size is terrible but with the useful resource of comparing the rest scooters, it’s miles excellent. It is pretty lighter that is 90.6 kg with 4 litres capability gas tank. So, claiming kerb weight of the scooter is 95 kg. The seat is plain and cozy for old and girl especially.

Suspension & Brakes:
The wheel, brake and suspension system the latest Runner kite plus is now extra up to date. The new kite plus comes with all alloy rim in every wheel. But right here the tires are not tubeless type. Here the enchantment of latest kite plus is hydraulic disk brake in front wheel. The brake meeting seems successful sufficient with double piston clippers. And at the rear wheel the braking gadget is drum kind. Coming to the suspension machine the new Kite Plus comes with hydraulic telescopic suspension in the front. The rear suspension is coil spring loaded that double unit fitted with the fingers of the swing.

Generally scooters used to provide higher mileage and people simply assume that. Runner kite plus has executed the equal issue and top off the call for of human beings. On motorway, this one hundred ten cc scooter will provide more than 65 km mileage. But the common mileage would be almost 60 km.

Instrument Panel & Features:
The scooter has full updated the front console this is completely analog however updated. There is speedometer, low fuel indicator; turn lamp and tail lamp are delivered. The headlamp is halogen. There are kick and self-beginning machine are also protected to the scooter.

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Runner Kite Plus 110cc

৳ 42,500.00৳ 85,000.00 (-50%)

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